Air Freight

Servopak Shipping (Pvt) Ltd., is an expert at getting your freight in the air and on its way. As a full-service global freight forwarder with countrywide service centers and worldwide associations, we have years of experience working with our airline partners to make sure you meet your air freight deadlines. Its  International, oversized or overweight, we know the ins and outs of booking freight on aircrafts in the most economical and efficient way.

Central air cargo operations are our capability to move single or complex shipments by air at any time, to and from most parts of the world. A flexible approach enables us to offer a variety of Air Freight Management and Forwarding services, including scheduled, deferred, and full or part charter.

As fully supported by a team, highly experienced in customs regulations and a global network familiar through all aspects of organizing air transportation, we are pleased to be your preferred forwarder for your airfreight necessities.

We are IATA licensed and offer a variety of service levels, ranging from charter flights and consolidations, to next-day, second-day and three-to-five-day to meet your specific project needs or budget. The sky’s the limit for your air freight option…