Consolidation / DE-Consolidation

A vast trade reservoir and more than 20 years of experience in Consolidation / De-Consolidation we are handling shipments with carefulness and control.

Servopak Shipping (Pvt) Ltd. is proud of its impeccable performance record with a wide variety of consolidation challenges. Our complete port clearances and document experience ensures the safe and timely delivery of your shipments. We work closely with a variety of top transportation providers, including our good trade associates and highest quality truckload carriers of the region.

We are practicing the following Consolidation / De-consolidation Services:

Consolidation of Cargo from a Variety of Consignees

De-Consolidation of Cargo and Delivery to Various Consignees

Unloading and Stripping of Container Cargo

Safe and Expert Handling from Origin to Point of Delivery

Consolidation into consolidation services

Our across the country locations and global associations help to handle any quantity of traffic in any direction. All of our loading and unloading operations are close to claims free, assuring of complete and undamaged shipments upon arrival. We also offer aligned and shared facilities to maximize cost effectiveness.

Servopak Shipping (Pvt) Ltd. is providing customized trade and traffic solutions calculated according to exact specifications and statistics. We are solution derivers…!