Custom Brokerage

If your business includes international shipping, you have customs regulations to consider. Servopak Shipping (Pvt) Ltd., helps to reduce that stress by making sure all rules and regulations are followed as we move your freight across the border either by air or by sea or by road and rail. We are facilitated by  Pakistan Customs certified and licensed brokers who understand tariff schedules and government regulations. We save time and reduce delays by interfacing electronically with Customs and offering WeBOC remote filings for any Airport, Seaport or Dryport.

Our practical approach includes securing documents in advance of freight arrival to help speed Customs clearance. In addition to licensed brokers at key port service points, we also offer a full range of integrated logistics solutions to support your business: transportation, warehousing and distribution, order fulfillment and other options to manage your inventory.

Customs entry service is complemented by our national delivery and international shipping services.

Friendly support and assistance in identify cargo commodity codes.

Extensive knowledge of export and import entry procedures.